360 Complete Bundle
for Camera Scanning 35mm & 120 Film

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  • Speed: Scan a roll of 35mm film in as quick as two minutes
  • Stability: Sturdy rubber feet and a heavy steel construction keep everything in place
  • Leveling: More than 10mm fine threaded adjustment on the feet
  • Evenly lit scans: The film is lifted approximately 5cm off the light source to diffuse imperfections (light source not included)
  • Multi-format support: Rubber rollers can be adjusted to almost any roll film format ever made

Product Details

“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation — a nod to the creativity of analog photography. The Scandinavian roots of VALOI are visible in the minimalist and functional design. VALOI 360 is a film holder system that provides an affordable way to digitize your rolls of 35mm and 120 medium format film using a digital camera, without compromising on features. This system will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. 

The VALOI 360 Complete Bundle includes all the accessories from VALOI to get you started with camera scanning in the VALOI 360 system. (light source not included)


    • 1x Advancer
    • 1x 35mm film holder 
    • 1x 120 film holder
    • 1x Diffuser
    • 1x Film Duster 
    • 1x 6x4.5 120 film mask 
    • 1x 6x6 120 film mask 
    • 1x 6x7 120 film mask 


    360 Advancer 

    The VALOI Advancer significantly upgrades your at-home film scanning experience. Paired with the VALOI film holders, it allows you to scan quicker and more precisely with precision film-advancing knobs rather than manually pushing/pulling the film through the holders. The sturdy steel construction features four rubberized and threaded feet for ensuring the film holders are perfectly level. Additionally, the Advancer raises your film off of the light source for more even illumination. While best used with uncut rolls of film, it can also be used with cut strips as short as 3 frames. 

    360 35mm and 120 Film Holders

    The VALOI Film Holders are the perfect entry-point for trying out camera scanning and can be used on their own or with the VALOI Advancer. The double S-curved and precision-engineered track keeps the film flat, and the matte surface and built-in internal angles keep reflections off your scans. The design makes it quick and easy to scan film by allowing you to push film through the holder instead of a traditional clam-shell design that requires constant opening and closing.

    360 Diffuser

    If you want to further diffuse any dust or imperfections on the surface of your film, use a tablet or phone screen as a light source, or are struggling with an uneven light source, the VALOI Diffuser will give you that little bit of extra diffusion that you need to get an even scan. The Diffuser is precision-cut to be secured to the Advancer using the screw-on feet.



    360 Film Duster 

    We all know dust can be a big problem in film scanning. And wiping away dust can generate static, which just attracts more dust! That's why the VALOI Film Duster was to made to screw right onto the back of the VALOI Advancer with two included thumbscrews. Its anti-static brushes will capture most of the dust without generating static electricity and give you a significantly cleaner scan.​ This is the perfect anti-dust solution for anyone with the Advancer.



    360 120 Film Masks 





    The Valoi 120 Film Masks reduce glare that can be caused by excess light outside of the image area when scanning 120 film formats smaller than the full 6x9 image area, especially with older macro lenses. Available in 6x4.5, 6x6, and 6x7 sizes, they are not necessary for everyone but can increase the quality of your 120 scans.  


    Recommended Accessories:

    Camera Stand

    The most convenient option for a camera stand is something you already own, like a sturdy tripod with an invertible column so you can mount your camera underneath or an old enlarger with an adapter plate. However, if you want a camera stand made for camera scanning, we have a few affordable options including the convenient Foldable Copy Stand. This camera stand quickly collapses the telescopic center column with a quick buckle design and folds down to the base for convenient flat storage and carrying. The design also features a tapered quick release pin for easy secure mounting of your camera and a camera pitch angle knob to adjust flatness.

    Camera & Lens

    Camera Body

    Just about any semi-modern interchangeable camera will work great for camera scanning. There are many mirrorless or DSLR options to choose from, with the most convenient offering tethered live view capture to your computer. The Canon T2i is probably the cheapest option out there with tethering and large lens selection, and new cameras like the Sony A7 series are now very affordable with great IQ. High end setups may even use the new full frame Panasonic mirrorless cameras with pixel stitching for insane resolution.

    Macro Lens

    For camera scanning, the one real requirement is that your lens focuses close enough to capture the entire frame, without having to digitally crop. For full frame cameras and capturing 35mm film, the term 1:1 designates a lens that will reproduce the 35mm frame exactly onto the full frame digital sensor. With crop bodies, 1:1 focus even closer. There are also options to use extension tubes for older macro lenses. We have had excellent results with an inexpensive Nikon 55mm macro from the film days or using a simple extension tube to get 1:1 on our full frame bodies. Higher end, yet affordable options include the excellent Sigma 70mm ART Macro. Outside of reproduction factor (1:1), also look out for lenses that are sharp, have good color reproduction, limit internal reflections (modern coatings), and have very little vignetting. Finally, it’s generally best to use your lens stopped down 2-3 stops from wide open, as this gives a good combination between depth of field and brightness.

    Software for Negative Conversion

    There are a few plugins and standalone programs for converting negatives into positives. Some older and some newer, all of them try to harness the color science based in darkroom paper to various degrees. Many professional scanners have used LaserSoft applications or some proprietary/built-in software to emulate darkroom printing. After all, even a professional lab scanner is simply a digital camera and a light source. The applications below do the same thing for converting negatives captured with you digital camera rather than a digital camera built into a scanner. We recommend choosing the one that best suits your workflow. 


    Mac/PC Consumer  👨‍💻 $
    Negative Lab Pro Adobe Lr Prosumer  👨‍🔧👨‍🔬🧙‍♂️ $$
    LaserSoft NegaFix SilverFast HDR 8 Professional  👨‍🔬🧙‍♂️ $$$
    ColorPerfect Adobe Ps Expert  🧙‍♂️ $

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